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We Are AccuRX Pharmacy

We strive to offer the lowest prices on Erectile Dysfunction medications.

Below are our current prices.

Sildenafil         Tadalafil
20mg-$1               5mg-$2
50mg-$2               10mg-$3
100mg-$3            20mg-$5

Shipping is always free for orders over $60

If you have a current prescription that you would like transferred to us, please call our care team at
1-877-208-7680 and one of our Pharmacists will be happy to call your pharmacy for a transfer.

If you don’t have a prescription, we can call your Doctor on your behalf to request a prescription for you,
just give us a call.

If you do not have a prescription or Doctor, we suggest using MEDHELP for a Telemedicine visit,
just click the following link.

Once here, scroll down and click on “TELEHEALTH REGISTRATION FORM”

For type of visit, just select other and enter  “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”
Complete remaining fields.
Please enter “ACCURX PHARMACY” in the Pharmacy field.

Someone will from MEDHELP will contact you to setup and begin your Telemedicine visit.  Your normal
office visit copay is all you pay. If you do not have insurance, MEDHELP charges $50 for this

We at DOLLARAPILL will discount your first order up to $50 to offset any costs associated to this